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My rare 22 Buick Roadster for sale for the first time.. Featured in many magazines.. 59K

Dual Quad Thumb Screws

Dual Quad Thumb Screws $29 Each Spring Special $19 Each

Offy Intake Repair: read in Tech Info

Aluminum Finned Oil Pans for 57-66 Nailheads 395.00 as cast 595.00 polished

BRAND NEW Nailhead timing covers! made in USA only 299.00

NEW Stainless Steel Dip Sticks that don’t leak – for all Nailheads! 33.00

401-425 Blower Manifold $649

Chrome 1964-66 GS Plug Wire Brackets! 35.00 per pair 

All of the above parts are made in the USA