264-322-364-401-425 bolt torque spec’s

264-322-364-401-425 bolt torque spec's

Area Lb. Ft.
Spark Plugs 25-35
Crankshaft Bearing Caps to Cylinder Block 80-110
Connecting Rods 40-50
Cylinder Head to Cylinder Block 65-80
Harmonic Balancer to Crankshaft   364-401-425 220 lbs
                                                  264-322 1/2"bolt 55-65 lbs
                                                  264-322 3/4"bolt 100-110 lbs
Fan Driving Pulley to Harmonic Balancer 18-25
Flywheel .to Crankshaft (Auto. & Manual) 50-65
Oil Pan to Cylinder Block 9-13
Oil Pan Drain Plug 25-35
Oil Pump Cover to Oil Pump 8-12
Oil Pick-Up Tube & Screen Housing Assembly to Oil Pump 6-9
Oil Pump to Cylinder Block 30-40
Oil Gallery Plugs 25-35
Oil Filter to Cylinder Block 10-15
Timing Chain Cover to Block 17-23
Water Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover 6-8
Fan Driven Pulley 17-23
Thermostat Housing to Intake Manifold 17-23
Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head 25-35
Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head 10-15
Carburetor to Intake Manifold 10-15
Fuel Pump to Cylinder Block 25-40
Motor Mount to Cylinder Block 25-40
Fuel Pump Eccentric and Timing Chain Sprocket to Camshaft 40-55
Rocker Arm Cover to Cylinder Head 3-5
Rocker Arm Shaft Bracket to Cylinder Head 25-35
Delcotron Bracket to Cylinder Head 65-80
Delcotron Bracket Brace 18-25
Delcotron Adjustable Mounting Bracket to Cylinder Head 25-40
Delcotron Mounting Bracket Thru Delcotron to Cylinder Head at Pivot Location 35-45
Starting Motor to Block 40-55
Distributor Hold-Down Clamp 10-15
Synchromesh Lower Flywheel Housing Plate 9-13
Flywheel Housing to Cylinder Block 45-60
Fuel Filter to Cylinder Head 7-10